Years of Birth

Unfortunately, we still lack the years of birth for many sailors. However, we need this in order to create the rankings sensibly.
If you know someone whose year of birth is not yet included in the list or whose may be wrong, please help us by entering them!
Simply click on the edit button in the respective year of birth field.
Thank you for your support!

20 sailors were found.

NameYear of BirthClub
Christine Mueller
Dieter Trommler SCP (Segelclub Rot-Weiß Prenzlau e.V.)
Erika Mustermann PSCW (Potsdamer Segler-Club Wiking e.V.)
Ines Beyer
Ines Scherer SCLD (Segel-Club Lohne/Dümmersee e. V.)
Jan Koch
Karolin Weiss
Kerstin Kaiser
Leonie Frei SCM (Segel-Club Münster e.V.)
Lisa Weiss
Max Mustermann WYD (Westfälischer Yachtclub Delecke e.V.)
Michael Wexler
Mike Fischer SCH (Segel-Club "Haltern am See" e. V.)
Phillipp Fisher WSC1925 (Warnemünder Segel-Club e.V.)
Ralf Hirsch
Sophia Baer
Steffen Kirsch
Stephan Schwartz SCO (Segler-Club Oberspree e.V.)
Thorsten Kaiser SCSZ (Segelclub Salzgitter e. V.)
Thorsten Schäfer SHM (Segelclub Hansa Münster e.V.)

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